Twitter Tip: The #1 Mistake We’ve All Made on Twitter

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Twitter Tip: The #1 Mistake We’ve All Made on Twitter


There is one common mistake that we have all made on Twitter.

We all use to think that if we just put the @ sign before the person we were tweeting, that everyone we followed and he followed would see the tweet.  In actuality, this is not the case. When the @sign alone is used at the beginning of a tweet, Twitter treats this as a reply. So the only people who would see the tweet are you (the sender) and he (the recipient), the people who follow you and some of the people that follow him. The tweet will not appear in all of his followers’ feeds unless they follow you too.  Below is an example of this.

Twitter Tip: #1 Mistake We've All Made on Twitter

There are two ways this can be remedied.  The first is to start your tweet with a word instead of the @ sign, as below:


Twitter Tip: The #1 Mistake We've All Made on Twitter.3


OR, you can use the most misunderstood punctuation mark on Twitter, the period – .  If you need or must start a tweet with the person’s twitter handle, put a period before the handle. This is how it would look. That way you and he and EVERYONE who follows you will see the tweet.

Twitter Tip: The #1 mistake we all make on Twitter.1


Who would have thought that one little dot would turn out to be so important. All hail the period.

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