Simplifying the “To Do” List

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Simplifying the “To Do” List


I am a “To Do” List kind of gal. They are all over the place; on my desk, in my pocket and in the car. They can be on a sticky note, piece of scratch paper or napkin. Some are numbered, some have bullet points, all are in various stages of completion. There’s just something satisfying about crossing a “To Do” off my list. It gives me the feeling that I have accomplished at least one thing in my hectic life.

The one thing that can add stress to my To Do list is that I rarely, if at all, finish all the To Do’s on my list for that day (mind you that I can have at least ten To do’s on my list on any given day). So, I’ve decided to try something new. Instead of having ten To Do’s on my list for the day, I am going to simplify my list to three To Do’s tops for the day.  When you simplify your list, it allows your brain to relax, not become as overwhelmed and gives you a feeling that you can accomplish these three tasks in an effective manner.

I tend to make one of the three on my list a mundane task, like write an email reminding a client of a post idea or even just emptying the dishwasher. This allows instant gratification, a check off my list and a feeling that I am quite the “To Do”  badass.  The next task on my list I tackle is the most difficult. Like put together a large proposal or a desk from IKEA. My mind is revved up with “I can do this” endorphins and the day is still young so I know I will have adequate time to get the task done. The third task on the To Do List is reserved for a task that can be moved to the next day’s To Do List if needed. It needs to be done but if it’s not completed until tomorrow, Rome will still be standing. Once I have finished those three tasks and there are still hours left in the day, I can add another task to the list.

So, give it a try. Say goodbye to the ten items on the list and try for just three that you think you can accomplish and always remember that what ever you don’t get done, there’s always another day and another To Do List.

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