New This Week in Social Media

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New This Week in Social Media

Does it seem like every week there is something new happening in social media, especially on Facebook? This week is rather exciting in the Facebook realm. New buttons and functions are being tested and the new design of the Facebook Timeline is rolling out to fan pages. We’re all excited about the new timeline design, the “Buy” button and the “read receipt” function. We reserve judgment on the “Dislike” button until more information becomes available. So, let’s get started and break these down in more detail.

There are three new functions/buttons that are currently in the ‘test’ faze on Facebook.

The “Buy Button” – This button will allow your followers to shop and purchase products and services right from your Facebook page. Not looking to be left behind, Twitter and Pinterest are also test this technology.

The “dislike” button – Even though many Facebook fans have repeated asked for this button, Facebook has been hesitant until now. The button supposedly will act as a way to express empathy. At present not much more info is available regarding this button as to when or if it will come to fruition or how it will function for a post.

The third and something we just found out about is the “read receipt”. This function will tell your friends what you have looked at on the platform. So far this feature is only available on Events, but knowing how Facebook is, this will probably branch out.