About Us


Here’s a quick story about how Chatter Squirrel got its name. We like squirrels and we like nuts (the kind you eat and the one’s you know). And that’s how the name came about. The Chatter Squirrel philosophy perfectly describes the staff we have and the services we provide.

The people that work at Chatter Squirrel are fun, dedicated, and love to get the job done. We may not always act serious but we are very serious about increasing the social reach of our clients.

Owner Jeanne White has over 15 years experience in marketing and has worked in many fields including conferences, defense, events, high-tech, government, medical, real estate and publishing.┬áThe motto at Chatter Squirrel is “There is no nut, too hard to crack!”

Let us squirrels do what we do best, chatter for your brand!